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How to handle the guilt of a phone full of unwatched dance videos

Justin Clarke

A lot of dancers are guilty of having great, unwatched dance video content on their phones. Maybe it's time to deal with it?

If you've been dancing for any length of time, the chances are you have quite a few valuable dance videos sitting on your phone.

The breakdown of a move after class from your teacher. The recaps from a weekend workshop out of town. The endless, varied videos from an interstate or overseas dance congress, including the private lessons you managed to book on top of it all.

It doesn't take long for a new student to quickly end up with dozens, hundreds, and even thousands of videos.

When you add up the cost of all those videos, you realise you've got quite the valuable personal dance video library sitting right there on your phone.

And that's the problem.

Maybe you watched each video again on a trip back from a dance event, or managed to review it once as part of some training practice, but all too often those videos just sit there, unwatched.

Not all of us have the dedication and professionalism to obsessively rewatch, train and master every bit of dance content we've recorded.

But that's the dream a lot of us have: to soak up and rapidly incorporate all the great instruction we've paid to be a part of. A dream where we find ourselves surprised and delighted by how quickly we're mastering the dance forms we're most passionate about.

Sometimes that dream begins to weigh on us a little — the guilt of knowing where we could be, and where we are. If only we made more time to catalogue, and watch, and train in an activity that brings so much joy. How to deal with the guilt!?

Some of that agony is really down to the failings of technology. It's easy for videos to pile up on a phone and be forgotten. You can only access videos as one great big chunk, when often what you really want is to quickly skip to a bookmark of a move you want to recap on.

When you use Sentu a lot of interesting things happen. After adding a video you actively rewatch the video more times than you usually would as you create loop snippets of key parts of a video you want to master.

Not just that — but when you go to name the loops you're again actively engaged in deep learning.

What is that move called?
Does it even have a name?
How do you spell it?
How should I name this sequence of moves?

If it sounds like work, it is.

But it's the right type of work. You're actively learning more about the dance style, even when you can't physically train (something we all know about in 2020!)

The end result?

A rich, personalised catalogue of dance moves and notes. The guilt of leaving videos unwatched is long gone, and in its place is a powerful personal training reference.

That by itself increases the chances you'll train regularly, and learn deeply, setting you on a course to realise that dream of rapid dance mastery.

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