Mastering dance is hard.

Frustrated by slow progress learning dance moves?

Have a phone full of dance videos just gathering dust?

What if you could accelerate your learning, make the most of videos you already have, and become the dancer you dreamed of?



A personal training library — in your pocket

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Frustrated by slow progress learning dance moves?

As dancers we all go through beginner hell, hit dance walls, and sometimes feel like we've plateaued.

To get out of a dance funk we go to more lessons, socials, and workshops to improve — building up a library of valuable video lesson content along the way.

But what happens to this great content?

A phone full of dance videos, gathering dust?

You've already recorded so many dance videos: after class, at weekend workshops and at dance congresses around the world.

Those videos represent hundreds and even thousands of dollars worth of investment.

Even with the best of intentions so many of those videos end up quietly sitting on your phone, unwatched and eventually forgotten.

Are you getting the most out of the dance video content you already have?

A personal training library — in your pocket

Sentu makes it so easy to catalogue the dance moves you're learning across all those videos you've recorded.

Easily create loops from the best bits of your videos and start creating your personal training library.

Add labels to these loops to bring order to the chaos, and instantly find the move you're after with a powerful search feature.

No more time wasted scrolling endlessly through videos while you search for inspiration or instruction.

Use controls made for dance training: change playback speed, add delays between loops, cast your video to a TV or projector, and much more.

Unlock the value of the video content you already have.

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“That’s frigging incredible!! 🥰😍🙌🙌🙌👏👏👏👏”

Becky Crystal, International dance pro

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Made for beginner dancers 💃

Just starting to learn to dance?

It's hard not to feel overwhelmed: you have to think about the music, timing, the steps, and your partner. It's a lot to think about all at once, but 'beginner hell' is something we all have to go through.

Sentu helps you speed through it.

By getting into the habit of naming and categorising your moves, you're actively engaging in deeper learning about your dance style.

By building up a personal library of moves, you're more likely to practice regularly outside class.

Watch as your recall and confidence quickly increases.

Made for intermediate dancers 💃💃

Danced for awhile and feeling accomplished?

You've undoubtedly hit dance walls, and gone through periods where you feel like you've plateaued and stuck in a long-term holding pattern.

By diligently cataloguing dance moves in Sentu, you can begin to create playlists of moves along certain themes for quick inspiration — to help you break out of that dance funk.

With the ability to take detailed training notes, you can easily review important tips to refine your technique long after the memory of that private lesson has faded.

Let Sentu help you level-up in dance.

Made for advanced dancers 💃💃💃

Started to achieve a level of mastery in dance?

You likely have hundreds of dance videos, and having a powerful, simple system to manage and rediscover your content becomes even more important.

Responsible for choreographing dance performances for yourself or a team? Sentu makes it easy to breakdown a routine, add training notes, and direct your dance team.

Take a professional approach to managing your dance content with Sentu.

Made for teachers 👩🏽‍🏫

Teaching dance brings a whole different set of challenges.

At every level of teaching, building up a detailed, visual syllabus of your classes can add significant value to your teaching.

Use playlists to efficiently prep before class, and get assistants to record moves after class with training notes to reference the following week.

In private lessons record student progress to keep tabs on their progression, and add feedback notes to turn Sentu into a simple student management tool.

Smart use of Sentu in a teaching context can elevate your teaching and build greater trust with your students.

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“Hooollly 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍. Looooooveee it so much!!”

Leonardo Neves, International dance pro

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